F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. How many passengers are on board each cruise?
    The maximum number of people on any one cruise depends on which tour you choose. We offer different cruise options which have different maximum limits. Please check the cruise page and in the description of each tour there will be a maximum on that particular tour.
  2. What is the size of the catamaran?
    Our Catamarans are 60 feet long, 24 feet wide.
  3. Are children allowed on board, if so from what age?
    Yes children are allowed on our cruises and there is no age limit.
  4. How much time is spent at the snorkel stops?
    Each snorkelling stop is 45 minutes long. If every one is finished snorkelling before the time is up, we will then continue with the tour.
  5. How deep is the water where you snorkel?
    The water depth at the turtle stop can vary between 15 feet (5 Meters) and 25 feet (8 Meters). At the Shipwreck snorkel stop the depth is 25 feet (8 Meters).
  6. Are turtles there all of the time?
    We like to say its a 98% chance of seeing the turtles. They are wild animals and are not enclosed or in captivity of any kind. The turtles are free to come and go from the ocean at their leisure and can do so at any time. It is very rare that we don't see the turtles but we do reserve that 2% for the days that they just don't want to have human interaction.
  7. Do they have sharks in Barbados?
    No Sharks.
  8. Do you sail or motor?
    Our catamarans are sailing catamarans and as long as the wind is favourable (over 10 knots and in a reasonable direction) we will sail. However, there are some days that we have no choice and have to run the engine to keep the tour on time.
  9. Are Drinks included on the tour?
    Drinks are included on all tours.
  10. What happens if its raining on the day of the cruise?
    We do sail in light to moderate showers. Barbados is in the tropics and we do get rain showers from time to time, mainly in the morning. However, if the weather is severe and we need to cancel the cruise we will call you to advise of any changes and arrange rescheduling.